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Policies & Insurance

Please review the policies before your first appointment and contact us with any questions. 


Dr. Lisa Edens-Tan is a Naturopathic doctor and cannot be your primary care provider. We require that you have a primary care doctor. Our office does not offer after-hours or urgent care services. If you have a medical emergency, you will need to contact your primary care doctor or go to the emergency room. Please expect our office to take up to 2 business days to respond to your inquiries.


You must cancel 48 hours before your appointment or you will be charged the full amount of the appointment. Please contact us by phone or patient portal for cancellation. Cancellations are only confirmed if you have received verbal or email confirmation from us via the patient portal.


Currently, naturopathic doctors in California are considered “out-of-network” providers.

Our office does not bill insurance but we will provide the proper documentation (a super bill) for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you have a PPO, your visits may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company at out-of-network provider rates. We recommend calling your insurance company and asking if office visits with a naturopathic doctor are covered. We do not guarantee reimbursements from your insurance company.

Our services are not eligible for Medicare reimbursements.

You can also utilize your Health Savings Accounts to pay for our services and lab tests. Learn more about the benefits of Health Savings Accounts here.

All payments are due at the time of service. Our office accepts cash, check, Visa, and Mastercard.


Please review our policy here. We only accept communications through our secure patient portal or phone system in order to protect your health information once you become our patient.


Phone appointments are available for existing patients, but the initial visit must be in-person.


Standard laboratory diagnostic tests such as metabolic panels, blood counts and thyroid function, are covered by most PPO insurance providers. When we order those tests, the lab will bill your provider directly. For other plans, such as HMO’s, you may have to go through your primary care physician. Some specialty laboratory diagnostics (allergy testing, adrenal panels) may not be covered by insurance.

If you have a high deductible health plan, we can use a discount lab provider to run blood tests at a fraction of the retail price. Most visits and testing are covered under flexible spending (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA). Prior to ordering any tests we will discuss the necessity and its cost with you.


Based on a thorough history of your health concerns, physical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing, your provider will determine a customized therapeutic plan for you, which may include nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. Dr. Edens-Tan will discuss her suggestions and the benefits of any recommendations to enable patients to make an informed choice. Some supplements are readily available in local stores, while some are professional brands only available through medical offices. At no time is any patient required to purchase supplements from Whole Body Wellness.

Whole Body Wellness offers supplements for purchase in the office and online through the virtual dispensary. These products have been carefully selected for quality control and are professional grade in therapeutic doses. We select products that are manufactured under the FDA’s standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure product safety. Supplements are not reimbursable by insurance. Health Savings Accounts can be utilized to pay for supplements.


The administrative cost for filling out uncomplicated forms and sending Medical Records to you is $25. Please allow up to 10 business days after you have signed the medical release form to receive your records or forms. You may also login to your patient portal and download your records or fill out an Authorization to Release Records form and we will send that information directly to your doctor.

Questions regarding policies or health insurance?

We would love to answer your questions.

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