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Thermography is a tool for analyzing the underlying cause of abnormalities in the body.

What is Thermography?

Thermography uses an infrared camera to assess blood flow and heat patterns. This tool offers information for the clinician and the patient to approach health care with from a truly preventative approach that helps identify and prioritize treatment. Thermography doesn't give off radiation and is noninvasive.

Meet our Certified Thermography Technician and Scan Interpreter

Raea Campbell is a Certified Thermography Technician. She received her certification through the International Academy of Clinical Thermography. Raea conducts all thermography appointments with a deep sensitivity to the nature of medical screenings. She primarily works on breast thermography, but on special request, she will scan other areas of the body.

  • Rigorous attention to detail and protocol
  • Creates a supportive and comfortable environment that makes everyone feel at ease
  • All scans are interpreted by a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer

Dr. Robert Kane is our scan interpreter and his credentials include:

  • Board Certified Clinical Thermographer
  • Diplomate American Board of Clinical Thermography
  • Diplomate International Academy of Clinical Thermology
  • Fellow International Academy of Clinical Thermology

Together Raea and Dr. Kane strive to provide the highest standard of thermographic excellence to each and every appointment.


Safe, Adjunctive Screening

High Sensitivity Imaging

Better Screening Area

Painless, Contactless

See if Thermography is right for you

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More about our Certified Thermography Technician

Raea first learned about thermography during her mother’s diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in 2014. After her mother had the traditional series of medical tests, her doctor then used thermography as a radiation-free, safe scan option to monitor the treatment protocols and keep a close eye on the breast region. Having the opportunity to learn about her mother’s thermography, Raea realized that it was a good time in her life to get her own “baseline” scan data for her medical records. A quick google search revealed that the only center in her area of Northern California was in Santa Rosa. Fortunately, the Thermography Center of Sonoma County, founded by Renee Russo, was the foremost center to find. Renee provided a comprehensive and personalized service that went above and beyond typical thermography.

A wonderful relationship developed between Raea and Renee. After a few years of Raea being a client of SCTC, Renee reached maximum capacity for her clientele and was seeking a caretaker for her clients in Mendocino and South Humboldt. Renee reached out to offer the opportunity to Raea, who decided that it was a valuable and worthy investment for herself and her community

What to expect at your first thermography appointment

When you arrive for your appointment we’ll spend time reviewing your concerns and answering questions. When you’re comfortable, you’ll be escorted into a special temperature-controlled room (64 – 72 degrees). You'll then disrobe and acclimate your body to room temperature. The scan takes up to 30 minutes and the complete appointment takes up to 60 minutes.

Prepare for your first treatment

To prepare for your thermography appointment, please follow the directions carefully that was provided to you.

See if Thermography is right for you

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